NVIDIA 英伟达最新招聘信息
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NVIDIA 英伟达最新招聘信息

NVIDIA是谁?“全球最佳CEO”—— 哈佛商业评论

“全球最受赞赏公司”—— 财富

“全美最环保公司”—— 新闻周刊

“全球最聪明的50家公司”—— 麻省理工科技评论

“50大最佳工作场所”—— Glassdoor

NVIDIA——人工智能计算公司 NVIDIA目前有哪些职位呢? NVIDIA是谁?... 1

NVIDIA——人工智能计算公司... 1

NVIDIA目前有哪些职位呢?... 1

需要如何申请呢?... 1

1.Intern - Gaming Test – Shanghai 2

2.Intern-Component Engineer/ Data service Specialist -Shenzhen. 2

3.Intern- HR Specialist ( Contractor)-Shenzhen. 2

4.Intern- HR Intern – Shanghai(20届)... 3

6.Intern- Finance(财务) – Shanghai(19届,留用)... 3



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1.Intern - Gaming Test – Shanghai【坐标】上海市浦东新区,二号线广兰路地铁站附近


1.  为GeForce Experience上游戏提供优化


1.  CS或相关专业,对PC Game感兴趣

2.  懂脚本优先(perl/python)

3.  时间6个月及以上,至少3天/周 (目前只考虑19, 20届毕业的学生,表现优秀可留任)

4.  简历投递同时请附上所玩过的游戏清单

2.Intern-Component Engineer/ Dataservice Specialist -Shenzhen【坐标】深圳市南山区科技园高新中二道5号生产力大楼1B 


1.  构建并维护产品开发平台的元器件信息

2.  对公司供应链提供数据分析支持

3.  与设计和运营团队紧密合作


1.  理工科专业

2.  逻辑思维强

3.  英语读写流利

4.  具有团队合作精神

5.  至少6个月及以上,至少4天/周

3.Intern- HR Specialist ( Contractor)-ShenzhenResponsibilities:

·        Manage day-to-day HRoperations/transactional services and ensure the service is delivered with highquality and efficiency, including employment cycle (on boarding process, newhire orientation, transfer, exit procedures)

·        Deliver benefits to employees,including commercial insurance, medical checkup, gear store etc.

·        Act as contact person foremployees on a wide range of questions related to HR policies, procedures andbenefits.

·        Maintain accurate andup-to-date HR information database and respond to relevant informationalrequests

·        Organize site events, such asouting, family day and annual party etc.

·        Perform other duties asassigned or requested.


·        Bachelor degree

·        Experience in HR Operations isa plus

·        Good team player,self-motivated and able to work under pressure

·        Good communication skills bothin English and Chinese.

4.Intern- HR Intern – Shanghai(20届)【坐标】上海市浦东新区,二号线广兰路地铁站附近


1.  员工入离职办理

2.  培训、会议材料准备

3.  参与支持员工福利项目

4.  HR数据库管理


1.  人力资源或相关专业

2.  熟悉MS Office: Excel, PPT,Word

3.  良好的沟通能力,积极主动

4.  每周3天及以上,6个月及以上

6.Intern- Finance(财务) – Shanghai(19届,留用)【坐标】上海市浦东新区,二号线广兰路地铁站附近

What you'll be doing:

1.      Help toreview Expense reports / Payment request

2.      Communicatewith colleagues for expense reimbursement correction

3.      Print/collectsupporting doc for travel staffs’ trips

4.      ReimbursementTrips filing

5.      DocumentScan and Copy

6.      Voucherand account book filing

7.      OtherFinance-related tasks

What we need to see:

1.      Bachelor’s Degree (Accounting/Financialmanagement profession background)

2.      Goodcommand of English and Chinese, both oral and written

3.      Goodcommunication skills, detail-oriented, flexible, team player and quick-learner

4.      Goodcomputer skills

5.      Can work3 days a week for more than 6 months


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